Nordburg Music Database

Welcome to the Nordburg Music Database.

This database currently has 1284 songs in it, 295 tabs in it.

Still To Come:

Questions and Answers about the NMDB.
Feedback Button
A way to leave feedback.
Search Engine
A way to search for songs.

What's New:

Major Update - 2013-04-27
I just did a major update. I may have forgotten to do a few things. Bear with me.
User Management - 2012-10-03
Improved how users registered for accounts. In doing so, I had to delete a bunch of accounts. So I deleted those who have logged in less than twice. Not like user accounts do anything anyway.
Save Arrangements - 2011-05-14
For a while, you've been able to rearrange songs. Now you can save your rearrangements.
Single-Sign-On - 2009-01-17
A new single-sign-on system was created for all Nordburg web applications, including the NMDB.
New Interface - 2005-12-22
A new interface was created, including a new, printer-friendly format.